A Spiritual Relationship

What is the spiritual relationship between monastics and laypeople? The Buddha designed an organization that was perfectly suited to helping as many people as possible achieve the most happiness possible. For those who wanted to dedicate their lives completely to achieving the greatest happiness of full enlightenment he created the community of monks and nuns, […]

The Supreme Buddha with His Ten Powers

Most people think that we are entering a great age of scientific knowledge and discovery, but no one has yet been able to surpass the knowledge and understanding possessed by the Supreme Buddha. He created an era of scientific knowledge which remains unparalleled today; this was the era of the Supreme Buddha Gautama. The era […]

Theravada Buddhism – The Teaching of the Elders

Ancient Path in a Modern World We are part of the oldest living Buddhist tradition in the world, Theravada. The teachings come from the Buddha named Sidhartha Gautama, often referred to as the historical Buddha. He was born in India over 2,500 years ago and discovered not only the cause of suffering in the world, but the […]

The Four Divine Abodes (Satara Brahma Viharanha)

Namo Buddhāya! Loving-kindness meditation (Mettā Bhāvanā) The way to cultivate the mind with loving-kindness… Mettā (Maitri) or loving-kindness is the true friendship that one exercises toward oneself and others. If one is friendly to oneself, that person will not harm himself/herself. If a person is friendly to others, that person would not harm others’ lives. […]